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Men In The Kingdom

Author:  K. Raye


This book is in progress and not completed yet. 

Are you looking for your dream man?

How do you identify...


Is the man you're with a Prince, a Sorcerer or a Jester...?

Maybe he's not the man

you thought he was! 

Did you think he was your Knight in Shining Armor, but he spends more time with his buddies?

Why is that?

Would you like to be able to identify the man you 'do' want and the man you 'don't' want!

The author K. Raye is a certified Master Life Coach with a BA in Psychology from California State University, Chico.

Her mission is to encourage and inspire people, while helping them identify and achieve their personal and professional goals.

She is the founder of "Encouragementoring" a program designed to give hope, confidence and courage. To identify the skills and capabilities of a person. To encourage them to use their talents and choices to the best of their ability. To focus on the power of choice, individual growth and improved performance. 

Women In The Kingdom
  • Men In The Kingdom

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