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Author: Rachel Wayne

  • The Break Up Answers

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  • Sea Glass Inn

Do You Want Answers?

Are You Tired of Feeling Hurt, Angry and Depressed?

How do you want to get through this break up? Do you want to regain control over your life? How would you like to feel better than ever? Do you have a friend that needs the answers? Rachel Wayne has insights, good ideas and solutions to help you rebuild your life and your self worth ~ emotionally, mentaly and physically. Feel more positive about your life, your choices and future relationships, as you read about ways to rebuild and heal your heart. 

Rachel Wayne is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Watsu Practitioner and a Certified Master Life Coach.
She grew up in a warm home full of love, imagination and laughter with amazing parents, a younger brother Christopher (her best friend) and lots of purring kitties. She loved camping in the summer and baking in the winter; filling the house with delicious aromas. Her parents encouraged her out of the box and come up with new answers as she goes through life adventures of life. 

Her goal is to help give the world encouragement, laughter and escape from all the stress we all deal with day to day.

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The Break Up Answers


Sea Glass Inn*

*A writing in progress.