• A Hole In His Socks

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No one was with me that bright sunny day When a sad little elephant happened my way, A sad little elephant who looked oh so shocked And wanted to talk about the holes in his socks. 

The author Les Mahler is an independent journalist, writing to tell a story, for a cause very dear to his heart, and that is to "Stomp Out Kid's Cancer." $5.00 from each of his books sold goes to childhood cancer research. He is struggling with his own rare form of cancer; adenoid cystic carcinoma and lung cancer, but he doesn't let that stop him from helping the children with cancer. He’s put together many fundraisers to help fund research to find a cure for childhood cancer. He hosts an annual ‘Grape Stomp’ event at Watts Winery & Upstream Wines. All the money raised goes to research intuitions or the specific children to help defray their medical costs.

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A Hole In His Socks



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Author:  Les Mahler